Performance, installation, video
220 × 600 × 600 cm
Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam
In collaboration with Playground Festival; Mondriaan Fonds

Falke Pisano lives and works in Amsterdam and Sao Paulo.

The performative installation WONDER-WHAT-TIME-IT-IS takes as a starting point a short story by Edgar Allan Poe to address the limits that modernity, as a frame of thinking, has set for the possibilities of conceiving of change outside its normative framework.

WONDERWHAT- TIME-IT-IS deals with language, thinking and perception and problematizes the idea that language as an expression of thought can disassociate itself from culture and history. In a narrative performance Falke Pisano takes to questioning those ideas that have become powerful because they have been naturalized, and as such (as “nature”) have come to be seen as the basis on which humans can establish culture and society.

Courtesy Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Hollybush Gardens and the artist

Photo: Marc Domage

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