Hans Schabus was born in 1970. He lives and works in Vienna.

In the work Ikarus, Hans Schabus places his old Renault Kangoo, compressed and mangled into a roughly rectangular shape, in the exhibition space. Individual parts of the vehicle have either been destroyed in the compression process or are hidden beneath its other elements. The carcass is suspended on a large gantry, a device which recalls the artist’s studio. A small nest sits on the top of the gantry, creating an unexpected contrast with the heavy machinery which supports it. Constructing his works with objects that are familiar to him,

Hans Schabus creative process consists of arranging, merging and transforming various elements.

IKARUS, 2014
FIAC Projects 2017

Compressed Renault Kangoo, lifting straps, chain hoist, portal crane, bird’s nest
257 × 417 × 298 cm
Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

Courtesy the artist and the gallery
Photo: Marc Domage

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