Noël Dolla was born in 1945 in Nice, where he lives and works.

In October 1969, Noël Dolla climbed a mountain called l’Authion to paint coloured spots on rocks in pink vinyl paint at a height of more than 2,000 metres. Entitled Propos neutre n°2, this first intervention in nature inaugurated a series of actions in situ lasting from the turn of the sixties to the present day. His interventions follow on from the research and experiments on the use of medium typical of the Supports/Surfaces group, to which Noël Dolla has belonged in its embryonic form since the collective exhibition of April 1969 at the École spéciale d’architecture in Paris.

Today, Dolla invites us to discover Rêve englouti, an installation planned exclusively for this 2016 edition of FIAC. Dolla questions both the frontiers of drawing and painting and its corollary, the potential, and therefore its dimensions. Drawing at the scale of the urban landscape, he echoes the gigantic projects of Land Art artists, but in the main, Noël Dolla’s in situ interventions are all ephemeral.

FIAC Hors les murs 2016

Immersed umbrellas, floats and weights.
Variable dimensions
Bernard Ceysson – Paris, Luxembourg, Saint-Étienne, Genève

Courtesy the artist and the gallery
Photo: Marc Domage

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