Paulo Nazareth was born in 1977 in Governador Valadares, Brazil. He lives and works in Belo Horizonte. 

Moinho de Vento / Windmill is a performance that features 13 immigrants walking through the streets of Paris. Along their route, they grind coffee using manual coffee grinders. The movement of their arms is a metaphor for the rotating cogs of the world, and a direct reference to immigrant labour, which historically contributed to the construction of our contemporary social structure. As it falls to the floor, the coffee leaves a trail. The wind spreads the powder and its aroma across the urban landscape. The smell of coffee triggers an affective memory that cannot override the personal histories of these 13 people.

Within a single grain of coffee — a commodity traded for centuries by colonisers through slave labour – Paulo Nazareth explores a world of affects and experiences of immigrant history.

FIAC Hors les murs 2018

Processional performance
13 participants, 5h
In collaboration with l’Ateliers des artistes en exil

Mendes Wood DM – São Paulo, Brussels, New York

Courtesy the artist and the gallery
Photo: Marc Domage

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