FIAC Shiela Hicks

Se pencher vers la zone dangereuse, 2017

Ice paper, bamboo, pigmented acrylic fiber, linen, cotton, silk, alpaca
Dimensions variables
© Sheila Hicks
Courtesy of the artist and galerie frank elbaz, Paris

Sheila Hicks was born in 1934 in Hastings, Nebraska. She lives and works in Paris.

Poised at the intersection between the applied arts and contemporary art, she has developed her work since the 1960’s. As a student of Josef Albers at Yale University, she studied painting but wrote her thesis on pre-Columbian fabrics. After several formative years spent travelling and living in Latin America, followed by five years in Mexico, she eventually settled in Paris in 1964 to set up her studio.

Nourished by her journeys and the cultures she has studied, Sheila Hicks considers her work – which uses weaving and deconstruction – as a process rather than an outcome. Although striking and even irresistibly attractive, Sheila Hick’s work also contains a radical anthropological dimension: it is instrumental in having introduced textile into the language of contemporary art today, as if it were perfectly natural to paint and sculpt with linen, cotton and raffia.

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