Thu Van Tran speaks about her work “Pénétrable – Allégorie de la forêt” presented by Almine Rech as part of FIAC Projects 2019 at the Petit Palais.

Born in Ho Chi Minh City in 1979, Thu-Van Tran lives and works in Paris. Pénétrable – Allégorie de la forêt can be situated somewhere between a painting and a sculpture, an allegory of the elements that surround and compose us. A structure made from hevea wood and steel supports a double layer of rubber, separating – like a stage curtain – the realm of the fictional and the imaginary. The installation is also a theatre of history, rubber being a powerful symbol of colonial domination in past centuries, charging the seemingly abstract nature of the material with a more complex resonance. The work also demonstrates the poetic qualities of rubber; its tribal and sensual physicality evoking tensions, balance and tropical dampness.

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