Vincent Mauger was born in 1976 in Rennes. He lives and works near Nantes.

His work revolves around the search for a materialization and a concretization of what a mental space might be. To achieve this, he combines digital tools proposing new forms of design logic for objects with artisanal construction techniques. Here, ordinary materials are transformed into a monumental work, its’ surface deployed throughout space, composing landscapes with battered topographies. The concept of blossoming or unfolding played a role in the conception of this work.

By playing on scale relationships, he invites each viewer to move about physically, but also provokes mental shifts. The diffracted aspect of the work varies depending on the viewer’s point of view. Although there are recognizable units, they fail to erase the overall impression of strangeness emanating from this random form.

FIAC Hors les murs 2016

Stainless steel and wood
700 x 750 x 750 m
Artwork created with the support of the François Pinault Foundation.
Presented during « l’Art au fil de la Rance » Plouër sur Rance.

Galerie Bertrand Grimont, Paris

Courtesy the artist and the gallery
Photo: Marc Domage

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