Can you present yourself?

I’m Chantal Wong. Based in Hong Kong. Thank you so much for including me in this interview series. And thank you for inviting me to Paris for YCI in 2014. I am a Director of Culture for Eaton HK, a hotel in Hong Kong running art, dance, music, and socially engaged community programmes.  I know, a hotel is an unusual space…

What project have you been recently working on?

I recently programmed a 24 hour performance art lineup titled ’24 Hours in Movement: Pegged Legged Hooked Hands”. The mini-festival responded to Hong Kong’s politically turbulent environment in the last year. Working with local and international contemporary and ballet dancers, poets, Cantonese opera singers, and filmmakers, the performances popped up and roved throughout the hotel premises over 24 hours echoing and responding with movement inside to the movement happening on the streets around us. We thought, only a hotel would be open and have an existing audience all hours of the day – it was also nice to highlight the potential of a hotel as a cultural platform.


Can you give us your excerpt from the book on your bedside table at the moment?

It’s from Pico Iyer’s A beginner’s guide to Japan. Observations and Provocations: “If shame is social rather than, say, sexual, … it matters less what you do than what you’re seen to be doing”

You live in Hong Kong. Why have you decided to be based in this city? What’s your favourite thing about it and your favourite places?

I am continuously touched by the strong sense of community and support I receive. Colleagues and peers in the cultural circle never cease to show up and offer resources with projects, initiatives and ideas. As a financial centre, there are also potential funding sources which helps. It is a small cultural circle but it has really warm appreciative and entrepreneurial energy. We all love this city very very much and want it to flourish and inspire.

Photo credit: Xin Li
Chantal Wong participated in YCI programme in 2014 organised in collaboration with the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard.

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