Arash Hanaei
Black Soap, 2020
Colour video, sound
2mn 59sec

Black Soap is a letter to my mother who rarely left home for several years because of her Parkinson’s disease. I wrote it in Paris, confined during the pandemic, when we were all stuck at home, with nothing to do but re-engage with the things around us, constantly observing the evolution of the situation, and cooking!
Silently, with a feeling of loneliness, signs of the past and speculation about the future slowly appeared from another place, matching the objects of the present.
This video is an attempt to follow this psycho-geographical shift, linking these traces of the past and the future.

Arash Hanaei

Arash Hanaei lives and works in Paris and Tehran. After studying photography at Azad University in Tehran, he develops a practice combining several mediums and techniques. The series of digital drawings entitled Capital (2009-2016) is intended as a map of the city of Tehran, questioning the transformation of public space post-war. Since 2014, when he relocated between Paris and Tehran, Arash Hanaei’s work progressively shifted from documentary and photographic practices to inter-media speculations, from strict urbanism spaces to psycho-geographic wanderings and from representation issues to post-Internet strategies. Arash Hanaei’s Cyclothymia of a Land deals broadly with issues of contemporary geopolitics, landscape allegories and the jeopardising of social experience in a digital world.

His works are presented in several solo exhibitions including LudLow38 gallery, MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies in New York, Yassi foundation in Tehran, group exhibitions Musée d’Art Moderne (Museum of Modern Art of Paris), MAXXI, (National Museum of XXI Century Arts), Rome and LACMA Museum in Los Angeles. The latest series he worked Pop-Up Clouds (2019), stands as a metaphor for the overlaps of the domestic and public spheres as well as another way of computer based and natural sciences; or a palimpsest of contradictory images to the point of becoming a system of alienation – following the fragmentation of one’s memory. In a more positive stream of ideas, Pop-Up Clouds also speaks of Hanaei’s installations as producers of delayed vision: something to be seen or witnessed has been delayed in favour of ghost apparitions, unconscious landscapes.”

“Intérieurs 2020” is a public commission of 10 short videos from 10 artists made by MAM Paris as part of its initiative to support young artistic scene.

In the current context of health crisis, the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, The Friends of Museum Society and its Committee on Contemporary Art has set up an initiative with the aim to support 10 young artists.

The artists selected by the curatorial team of the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris are Marie Angeletti, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Gaëlle Choisne, Morgan Courtois, Arash Hanaei, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, Clément Rodzielski, Sara Sadik, Naoki Sutter-Shudo and Stefan Tcherepnin.

Each artist has been invited to create a short video without any specific theme imposed. Friends of the Museum Society donates the films united under the title «Intérieurs 2020».

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