Which event has been the most crucial moment since you opened your gallery?
Every event has been and it is important for us. The show ‘Artists Against MUOS’ made in 2016, a group exhibition where we tried to support the movement that is fighting against MUOS; an american military base in the town of Niscemi where has been installed a satellite communications network that can pilot drones for long-distance wars.

How do you choose artists you represent?
We believe in our identity and the program of the gallery reflects this clearly. We choose artists who can be in line with our program, whit whom we can share not only the same vision on contemporary art, but also a critical vision of the contemporary society thinking that art is another possible tool to be used to change just a little bit the world where we live.
We love artists who make art for the community, who speak to a wider public rather than only for the art system.
We focused on the message of the artworks they develop no matter what medium they use.

Why did you decide to open a gallery in Modica?
Because it is a city that we love, because it is a special place full of history and because we think that every place can be important if you are able to make important things happen.

Continue the sentence “FIAC is…”
the dreamy version of Art Basel. While being professional with high standards, the city itself allow you somehow to let you dream just a little bit more.

Can you recommend cool hidden places in Modica?
Modica is a very unique place with its baroque architecture and traditions linked to religion, food and history. Near one of our dome San Giorgio there is an amazing hidden garden on the stairs before the church. Here there is a very nice bar, perfectly integrated with the surroundings, where u can have a very refreshing limonata while watching the sunset and sometimes accompanied by a jazz trio.

What is your favourite place for lunch near your gallery?
Just around the corner of the gallery recently opened a bistrot run by a 1 star Michelin chef who has his restaurant nearby. Here with lower prices you can have a delicious parmigiana looking at the main street of the town sipping a sparkling spuma.

What are your favorite places in Paris?
Paris is such a charming city. I do not really have a favorite place but maybe the square in front of the Centre Pompidou could be one. Here u can seat as well on the ground and admire the modernist architecture of the museum while watching the passage of all the tourists and Parisians as well. I think it’s a place that makes u think about the speed of progress while being perfectly at ease with all the historical buildings around.

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