How has the role of galleries changed in the last decade?
Many things have changed in the last decade, but the role of galleries has not changed. The gallery is at the service of the artists, working to promote their works in every possible way.

How would you describe the relationship between your gallery and the artists you represent?
The key word is trust. You cannot work with artists for such a long time without a reciprocal sense of trust.

What is the most challenging part of running a gallery?
The most challenging part is to remain close to the gallery, the daily visitors and the exhibitions, and at the same time being able to travel the world to meet people and to visit the artists.

What is your best memory of FIAC?
We did FIAC carte blanche at Place Vendôme in 2012 with Jaume Plensa. It was a challenging experience, with many administrative and technical issues that had to be resolved in a very short time, but, in the end, we were all very happy about it.

What was your first FIAC like?
In the Seventies, art fairs where somehow disregarded. It was only much later that FIAC became, as well as other art fairs, an acclaimed cultural event.

What is your favorite place for lunch near your gallery?
We are lucky to be located near the Parc Monceau, so the best place for lunch is probably a bench near the Rotunda of Nicolas Ledoux.

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