BEHIND THE ART(PIECE) series explores museums and their collections by focusing on a particular artwork. This time we invite you to discover “I Lost My Page Again” photographs by Brognon Rollin from MAC VAL collection.


I Lost my Page again (Page 11), Brognon Rollin,

Marqueterie de paille teintée et collée sur bois
© BrognonRollin. Collection MAC VAL
Photo: Rebecca Fanuele

In collaboration with craftsperson Lucie Richard, Brognon Rollin had a series of photographs of waiting rooms reproduced in straw marquetry. This ancestral technique was widely used in Europe from the 17th to the 19th century for interior decoration, furniture and small objects. Wisps of straw are died and coloured then assembled and glued onto a wooden ground to form an abstract pattern or figurative image. Made using a humble and easily obtainable material, this craft was taken up by convicts, gallery slaves and nuns – all categories of people living in confined spaces.

The large amounts of time required for this meticulous technique echoes the subject represented by the image: waiting rooms, station and airport concourses, medical surgeries, administrations and customs controls.

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