Since 2007, Fanny Adler and Vincent Madame have collaborated on vocal performances which they define as chanted, rhythmic and musical landscapes. Through song, they explore stylistic themes borrowed from literature or popular culture, revisiting Bernard-Marie Koltès, Jean Genet, Pierre Gicquel, Henri Michaux, Guillaume Apollinaire and Robert Kramer.
“What if our desires and bodies were attracting us towards the back of a cave or to the foot of a tree rather than beneath the lights of the city? Through the phantasmagorical presentation of a world that turns its back on anthropocentrism, Pétrichor Amor attempts symbiosis; a great erotic and mineral parade, with cries of love and love songs. Pétrichor echoes like a pagan myth. Yet we are all familiar with the bloody odour of stones; it is the aroma of hot asphalt after rain, a downpour on pebbles, or an August drizzle over the moors.” Fanny Adler & Vincent Madame

In collaboration with d.c.a.
Association française de développement des centres d’art contemporain.

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